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Welcome to PGBelize.com! Our goal is to introduce you to the many entities that are available in Punta Gorda Town as well as in Toledo, the jewel of Belize. We plan to list every business, government office, non-governmental agency, religious institution, charity, school, etc. This is so whether you are visiting Toledo or you are lucky enough to reside there; you have a resource devoted to telling you what services are available for you, where they are located and how to get in contact with them.

For those of you that would like to see where you can help with the development of our beautiful district you can see which organizations are listed and what the needs of the charities, NGO's and Schools are and how you can help. To get listed on the site, fill out a Listing Request or contact us. To get your own page on the site; our rates our very reasonable and for NGO's, schools and charities we provide a 50% discount. Remember you have not seen the true Belize until you step into Toledo. So what are you waiting for, start clicking and see what PG has to offer!

Yours Truly,
The Dream Team at PGBelize.com


At PGBelize.com we aim to provide affordable access to the world wide web to the different commercial and non-commercial entities in Punta Gorda Town as well as throughout the beautiful District of Toledo.


  • To provide the people of the world with useful information about the Toledo District and what it has to offer.
  • To provide the the people of Belize a way to access potential tourists, investors and benefactors through this informative site.

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Tip: Hover over markers for location names, and click business markers buiding for more information.